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Here is a list of our products with brief descriptions and links to the webpages where they are available:

Survive In Place aka Urban Survival Guide:

http://www.surviveinplace.com ~ learn insider secrets to survive disasters, pandemics, economic collapse, and breakdowns in civil order…even if leaving the city isn’t an option! This is different than other survival courses. It walks you through the process of getting prepared for urban survival.

Fastest way to Prepare

www.fastestwaytoprepare.comPreparing to provide for your family during a crisis takes much more than stockpiling food and water. You only have to look back as far as Sandy and Katrina to see how desperate people get when shelves are empty and utilities stop working. And for those who do have stockpiles of supplies, they still need to prepare to defend it. In short, you need this book–regardless of how prepared you are.

Urban Survival Playing Cards:

www.urbansurvivalplayingcards.com ~ Urban Survival Playing Cards – These aren’t simply playing cards…they’re a powerful survival tool for you and your loved ones to use if you need to survive in an urban area.

Tactical Firearms Training Secrets:

www.tacticalfirearmstrainingsecrets.comIn this book, you will discover training methods that have the power to have a bigger impact on your tactical shooting level than any book you have ever read.  These tactics, techniques, and procedures are the very same ones that  many with unlimited ammo budgets, use to train beginning and advanced tactics as well as maintain their edge. Perhaps most importantly, this book will show you how to practice advanced tactical and self-defense skills with a firearm, even if you live (or anticipate living) somewhere that is hostile towards gun owners.

Chris Grahams’ 30-10 at-home pistol training course:

http://www.dryfirecards.com/sandbox/30-10-pistol-trainingChris isn’t your average instructor.  He provides advanced weapons and tactics training to personnel from USG (US Government) agencies prior to deployment to high-threat zones.
More than that, he’s one of a relatively small group of guys who actually goes downrange and provides sustainment training to them while they’re in high threat zones.
If you’re an instructor, Chris is one of the guys who you want to be picking stuff up from to use in your own classes.
If you’re a shooter, Chris is an instructor who is teaching based on first hand experience downrange against determined attackers as well as constant feedback from his students.  His teaching isn’t stuff that worked 5, 10, or 15 years ago…it’s stuff that he or his students have more than likely used in the last few months, weeks, or even days.

Dry Fire Training Cards:

www.dryfiretrainingcards.com ~ The Most Time-Efficient, Money-Saving Way In The World To Become A “Master Marksman” (With Any Gun) and with more than 50 dry fire exercises and drills contained in the Dry Fire Training Card Deck, you’ll always have another fun, powerful and exciting dry fire drill to look forward to!

The Journal of Tactics and Preparedness:

www.tacticsandpreparedness.com ~ as a member of Tactics and Preparedness, you’ll learn immediate, practical, common sense tips and techniques to prepare you and your family faster, easier, and much more effectively than you ever imagined…and, as with every book and product I’ve created, it’s designed to give you immediate value and improve your quality of life regardless of whether or not disasters actually happen to you.

Larry Yatch’s Sealed Mindset Concealed Carry Masters Course:

www.comcealedcarrymasterscourse.com ~ A revolutionary at-home firearms training system that uses cutting edge teaching psychology and accelerated learning techniques that will:

  • Reprogram your startle response
  • Create Stimulus Bridges to allow you to skip straight from stimulus to response in high-threat situations
  • Eliminate and repair “linear range training scars”
  • Take advantage of the mirror neurons in the brain to shortcut the learning process
  • and much more, using a “virtual private instructor” system on DVD that’s unlike anything else available…

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