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We sell tactical and preparedness products created created and endorsed by David Morris. If you have any questions or problems, we are happy to help in anyway we can. The easiest way to contact us is by going here: http://tacticspreparedness.com/contact-us  You can also use our chat box in the lower right hand corner.

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David Morris, AKA SurvivalDave, is one of the few survival authors who won’t try to “wow” you with his credentials. Why? Because frankly, his credentials don’t matter. Survival “experts” are a dime a dozen, but what’s rare and valuable is David’s ability to take complex survival topics and write about them in such a way that you can actually start applying the knowledge and skills immediately on a daily basis. David doesn’t live in a yurt or on a fully stocked rural retreat. He lives in the real world in a city with a wife and young kids. As a result, he has worked with dozens of subject matter experts to develop strategies to survive breakdowns in civil order while remaining in the city. David is one of a select group of authors can write so that both newbie preppers and hard core survivalists with military and law enforcement experience rave about his work and learn something new on every page.